Online Booking Engine with GDS to Collaborate with the Aviation Industry

The time is growing at fast pace and so the human interest and demand. Each business sector is racing hard to beat others to reach the top most designation. In order to survive in the market, each industry is taking shelter under the roof of the latest technology as technology has become the only solution to promote the services you are delivering to the market. There is no denying that technology is playing a vital role in connecting the world with the mass production, which is in demand by the global audience. Even the government of each country is taking major steps to introduce technology in each sector, as it has been proven that, scientific progresses can improve the GDP of any country.

Travel and tourism sector plays a major role in the economic growth of any country. Since travelling is an ancient human instinct and it will continue to entice people from up-coming generation, so the industry will not face downfall anytime soon. The travel industry is growing expeditiously and so the demand for facilities from them is increasing. To cope-up with it, travel industry is taking all the necessary measures to deliver unique and excellent services into the market.

The days are gone when travel agencies used to provide offline services that too for limited locations. Now, an ideal travel agency provides global services targeting the global audience and it can be only possible if your business aggregates with global travel product suppliers and with a distribution channels yields the services to the end customers.

GDS or Global Distribution System has been introduced to the industry to give a better exposure to the largest inventory of airlines, hotels, train, cruise and car rental service. Having a tight hold in global aviation system is the key benefit for any travel agency. The modern day travelers want a ‘one stop solution’ for each of their requirement. They like to utilize the services from such OTAs, that allow them to book their travel itinerary with simple clicks. From booking a flight for any location in the world, and booking the best-suited hotel room along with dynamic holiday packages is something which can lure clients to take-up your services every time they schedule a trip.

When it comes to airline reservation, there a lot of users, who require a quick and transparent options and as an online travel service provider, it is your utmost responsibility to give the user the full control over reservation system, so that the clients can get what he is paying for. GDS based airline reservation system connects you with the multifarious options of airlines from all over the globe and provides the data of availability, prices, facilities and deals of each airline. The whole process is running smoothly without making any complication and thus its contribution to the global travel economic forum is immense.

The major GDS are- Amadeus, Galileo and Sabre and Abacus. The key parameters of GDS integration solution are:
  • Inventory management
  • Availability display and reservation
  • Fare quote and ticketing

GDS API is an absolute choice for travel service providers to have long-term relationship with major global airlines and provide an access to a wide range of travel options to the travelers.

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