What are the Best Soft Books for Kids?

The toddler is often biting things and chewing paper with their teeth, which is why soft books are always a perfect item for helping them not only learn, but also have fun with. Because most of the soft books are made of a solid fabric, they cannot mess with the soft books by creating tooth marks and biting them with tongue. In fact, parents or siblings can even make their own soft books to educate and guide young toddlers by including whatever they want to teach them. Therefore, a baby can even read or benefit from a soft book in his shower and can take it anywhere with him while reading. The sentiment has always impressed the parents that it is never too early to get children hooked on soft books.

Soft Book: A Sweet Gift for the Young Toddler
A pre-school child or a toddler wants fun while learning, which is why they cannot stand the idea of paper or hardcover books that fail to amaze their curious minds. The most favorite gift nowadays for the parents has been the soft books or a cloth book. Since there are a myriad of great varieties and shapes of soft books out in the market, they provide an easy grip for the teeny weeny hands of toddlers. They can often get into the nitty-gritty of various topics or enjoy the pages and tags. The bright colors with fun textures can captivate little kids who are perfect for learning. 

Soft books not only look sweet for your lovely kinds, but they are also great for traveling and play –time. Therefore, parents can use several cloth books filled with colorful pages that can stimulate the kid’s brain and feelings. Baby’s senses are sharp, which is why they can uncover great new ideas from the soft books as compared to the hardcover books. Parents can uncover a lot of cool options in the market or create their own soft books, a lovely handmade version is always a blessing for the little child. You can even illustrate every letter of the text from baby’s name. Therefore, it is never too late to learn to read, here is a list of a few lovely soft books your children will adore.

1.    The World of Eric Carle, The Very Hungry Caterpillar On the Go Soft Teether Book
The books are featured with amazing colors, crinkled texture, and a reflective mirror that makes it an awesome soft book for kids between 2-5. The books aim to help the kids identify the animal's characters such as bear and help them to see their own reflection in the mirror.
2.    Lullaby and Goodnight
Lullaby and Goodnight is another amazing soft book for little kids that includes interactive pages to help babies soothe before going to bed. The whole book closes with a zip and has a convenient carrying handle to bring anywhere with kids. This book is recommended for young kids from 12 months old to 5 years. However, for older children, other better alternatives are present.
3.    Whoozit Photo Album
The Whoozit Photo Album has a 4*6 vinyl pocket for containing photos. Children can handle the book conveniently while playing and outside. Babies love to hold the soft book in their hands.
4.    Squishy Turtle and Friends
Squishy Turtle and Friends is another lovely soft book for young children who do not yet join school regularly and can learn new things at home. The books are amazing to help them learn about the sea creatures and soft fish. Puffy metallics and soft touch make it perfectly suitable for young toddlers.

5.    Amazing Baby Soft Book
The amazing Baby soft book feels great in tiny hands of kids since it possesses textures, teethers, and crinkles to make a baby’s day perfect. The book also contains sound to help baby explore and enjoy.
6.    Lamaze Cloth Book
Lamaze cloth book is a lovely addition to soft books for kids who love bright colors and friendly animal eyes. The book also includes a lovely peek-a-boo mirror that helps kids to enjoy their own reflection.

How to Make Your Own Cloth books
The directions for creating a very sweet handmade cloth book are simple; all you need is glue and some fabric. Planning the cloth book is fun for siblings, lay each page flat on the top of each other and design each page according to the needs of children. Allow pages to completely dry before using the book or handing it over to the kid. Put glue on the binding and also cover the rough edges well. We are  offering Buy ResearchProposals Online to the students for last six years. she loves to share her knowledge on tech and online marketing.

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