Which Network Is Better For You AIRTEL Or JIO ?

The Following Details Based On Personal Experience
You Can Unseeingly go with JIO.
I am consuming both networks.
Jio is far better than Airtel. Here are the explanations.
1.Validity: Jio 399/- plan gives you 84 days validity. But Airtel will give only 70 days. That means Airtel giving 14 days less. ( Only a number of individuals will get 84 days, it's just for 5–10% customers, check for the best offers.

2.Data: Jio 399/- give you 126 GB data throughout the period as 1.5 GB per day. But Airtel giving 98 GB throughout the plan validity and capped 1.4 GB per day.

3.Post data: Jio 399/- just drops speed after you exceed data limit, still you can browse. But to do this in Airtel they Steal from your main balance.

4.     Calls : Jio 399/- say unlimited means unlimited. You can call any number in India. There is no limitations for calls in Jio in the meantime Airtel says unlimited calls malicious 1000 minutes per week, if exceed limit you have to pay from main balance at 1p/ 2 sec and you can't call toll free and some special numbers .

5.     SMS: Jio 399/- total 8400 SMS as 100 SMS/day with no restrictions, you can send SMS to web services also like 1900, 56777, 9266699999 numbers. Airtel giving 7000 sms as 100/day. And if you want to send SMS to your Bank consumer service or phone banking, UPI facility Rs.1/- per SMS.

6.     Speed: Jio will give you up to 16mbps, (yes! Even I got that speed), Airtel super-fast network give you 4mbps.

7.     Caller tune: Jio will give you Caller tune for free and You can change your caller tune unlimited number of times. But then again Airtel will charge you Rs49/- for Caller as 19/- for song choice or change and 30/- for monthly.

8.     Premium services: Jio will give you so many services and apps for free of cost like music, magazines, news, movies, cloud, malware scanner, health, tv channels etc. Now thinking about Airtel? Wait, they are also thinking to rob your money.

9.     Recharge or non recharge case: Jio says life time validity means life time. You can get inbound calls even you don't recharge for a long time, and if ever you recharge first to your plan validity, no worries, your new recharge will be activated after validity exceed. Now come to Airtel Life Time validity means 7days after exceed your validity, then you have to recharge either with 35/- for 28 days or with any unlimited plan. Funny, isn't it?

10.  Bonus: There are some things that only Airtel can give and Jio can't. Call drops, jumping calls, noice in calls, low signals, low 4G signals and lot of headache.

Conclusion: At the end if you choose only Airtel you will get Call drops, jumping calls, noice in calls, low signals, lot of headache.so please choose JIO you get far better services than airtel.

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