4 Unique Characteristics of Moffett Forklifts

The material handling business is as sensitive as it is difficult. You need to have men and machinery that are just right for the job; otherwise, it could spell disaster. Whether it is developed nations or developing nations, the proper planning and execution of moving material are essential for a thriving economy. From agriculture to industrial sectors, material handling plays an important role in keeping the cogs of the country turning. As such, all businesses involved in handling and moving material need an edge in order to sustain their competitive advantage.

Fortunately, Hiab, which is a subsidy of the Finnish goliath corporation “Cargotec”, has been providing that competitive advantage for 70 years now. The Moffett truck mounted forklifts have become a symbol of excellence and reliability when it comes to moving material. It doesn’t matter whether it is for urban distribution or for construction purposes; there is a Moffett forklift for every job.

With such widespread reliance on these machines, the question must be asked: What is it that Moffett forklifts can provide that its rivals cannot? The answer is two-fold. Firstly, Moffett forklifts boost productivity for onsite operations and enhance results. Secondly, Moffett forklifts reduce the chances of accidents and injury by providing the best safety features in the forklift industry.

After all, there is a reason these machines are in use in over 45 countries and 55,000 Moffett forklifts are operational in the United States alone. So let us take a look at what makes the Moffett forklifts so special and the unique characteristics that are exclusive only to them.

What Does Moffett Offer?

Moffett forklifts claim to improve productivity, enhance performance and offer better protection and safety to operators as well as the rest of the crew. So let us take a look at how they achieve this and some other unique features they have to offer.

1.Truck Mounting Capability

Right off the bat, the best and most useful feature for the Moffett forklifts is their truck mounting ability. The basic function of all forklifts is essentially the same i.e. moving material from one place to another, and there can be only so much distinction on that feature. Yet, the innovative design that lets Moffett fork trucks mount onto the back of the trucks that are carrying the material is what sets them apart completely.

Due to this capability, the Moffett forklifts not only save time but also cut costs for the business. Precious capital that would have been spent transporting the forklifts to the site of operation separately from the material is saved because Moffett forklifts are able to be transported simultaneously with the material. As such, the operator does not have to wait for the machinery to show up separately and instead he can get to work as soon as he reaches the destination.

2.Longer Utility

Moffett forklifts offer a longer and better functional life. There are no malfunctions as the forklift begins to get old as in the case of other forklifts and the operator can use the machinery in with full confidence. The fleet managers do not have to worry about Moffett equipment, as they get older since even used Moffett forklifts can be used to the very end of their recommended useful life.

The only thing that matters when it comes to pre-owned Moffett forklifts is where you buy them from and if a reliable and authentic retailer like Truck Forklifts sells them to you, then you can be sure of the forklift’s performance in the future.

3.Safety Features

According to the OSHA, there are over a hundred thousand forklift-related accidents every year. Moffett takes care to add the best safety features in their forklifts to keep the drivers safe. These features include:

A.The interlocking of the seat belt to provide the driver with better safety
B.Overhead guard, test by ROPS (Rollover Protective Structure) and FOPS (Falling Object Protective Structure)
C.visibility all around the forklift (360 degrees)
D.Reverse bleeper, work lights, and flashing beacon
E.LED road light for the truck

Due to the presence of these features and precautions, Moffett forklifts have one of the lowest accident rates in the United States.


Though this can be included in the safety part of the Moffett forklift profile, yet it is worth it to mention this separately simply because it is of greater significance. Moffett piggyback forklifts have hydraulic stabilizers that provide better stability even when lifting the load with the mast. This is a marked improvement over the design of the conventional counterbalance forklift, which had greater chances of tipping if the load had greater weight than the counterbalance at the back.

These were just some of the outstanding and exclusive features of the Moffett forklift.

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