5 Popular editing styles for wedding photography in India

Wedding photography in India has definitely evolved over the years. Nowadays, many Bengali photographers do a lot of experiment with their photo editing styles.

Editing is one of the important aspects of wedding photography. Without good editing, wedding photos will not look good. Many people of this generation have become aware of different editing styles when it comes to wedding photography.

Different people prefer different editing styles for wedding photography. Take a look at these 5 popular editing styles of wedding photography.

Bright and airy photos:

There are many people who like bright and airy photos. These photos generally inspire people and make them happy. Natural, bright wedding photos look much better than other types of photos.

Natural light should be used to give a bright effect to this type of pictures. Many wedding photographers in India go for this editing style because it makes the photos look clear and natural.

Dark and moody photos:

Dark and moody photos have become a popular editing style recently. This editing style brings a cinematic feel to the photographs. These photos look much better in artificial lighting, it means they are suitable for indoor than outdoor.

Even though this editing style has become popular, some people do not prefer this style. Sometimes, dark tones mean that the photos generally have a black or orangish look.

Matte look:

Matte photos appear when when a photographer places a hazy filter over those photos. These matte photos look a little soft compared to bright and airy photos. If a couple want their wedding photos look different from their friends and cousins, they can choose this editing style.

In some of cases, matte effect looks absolutely great on photographs. This effect works better on photos when they are taken outdoors. But these photos do not look good on the printed format.

Black and white wedding photo editing style:

There are some photographers who only work in this particular editing format for weddings. But weddings generally include various vibrant colours. So, black and white editing style may not be suitable for the weddings. A lot of details will disappear in black and white wedding photos.

On the other hand, there are some positive aspects of choosing black and white photography. When black and white photography is done correctly, the photos look absolutely elegant and classic.

Black and white photos look more emotional than the coloured ones. They also have a timeless appeal. Black and white wedding photos do not lose their charm even after many years.

It will be a good idea to mix the black and white photos with the coloured ones. In this way, the couple will be able show the beautiful, bright colours of their wedding through photographs. They will also get the opportunity to include the classic appeal of black and white photo editing style in their wedding album.

Desaturated elements:

If you choose desaturated elements for your photos, the colours in those photos will look muted. Bright colours such as yellow of turmeric powder, red of bridal saree will be toned down. They will all look less bright.

This editing style has become popular recently just like dark and moody editing style. It is mainly used to tone down the green colour of trees and branches.

There are various ways to edit wedding photos, but ultimately, it is all about the couple's personal preference and choice. The photographer need to discuss the editing styles with the couple before choosing any editing styles for wedding photography. When some editing styles are evergreen, some of them are temporary. He should ask the couple about their wishes and then edit the pictures the way they want.

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