Satellite App: How they save a lot of money when abroad!

Test Satellite app conclusion You must know that If something is good, it's just right. Sipgate has succeeded with the Satellite app a big hit that many a computer best photo editor no longer wants to think away from his everyday life. Whether frequent travelers, eBay power users or self-employed - there are many uses for this free second mobile number from the Internet. The current shortcomings are obvious: There is neither an android app nor messaging app can be received - but you work on it, and that should change soon.

Per must be included

  • Free phone calls (almost) worldwide
  • No more roaming charges
  • Can be used as a disposable phone
  • Very cheap pro package


  • SMS not yet receivable

Levee European Union, on the one hand, we are grateful to you that we do not have to pay more for phoning and surfing on holiday on Mall, Rhodes or in Holland. On the other hand, you forgot at the time that some of us also need to call abroad from home - and still pay prices as they did then, long before the iPhone. But now there is the Satellite app, and that should stink the network operators pretty well.

Satellite App: This is how the phone app works

The principle is simple: download the Satellite app from the App Store (Google Play Store coming soon), open it and create a new account. In the set-up process you need to enter your correct data because to authenticate you get a letter with a code within a few days to your registration address - so it wants the legislature, to be sure, too, which port belongs. After activation, you will receive a virtual mobile number in the format 01567 / 8xxx xxx. On request, you can also use the app to port and use another mobile number. This mobile number can be reached from the German telephone networks at the usual conditions, except that it is not a real mobile phone connection, but the calls are handled via the Internet. One thing is clear: You need a stable data connection, for example via WLAN or LTE. Great: On the iPhone, incoming calls look like regular calls, so you can readily accept them like any other call without unlocking the phone first. Call Kit calls this function Apple.

Satellite app: make free calls to and from abroad

For COMPUTER BILD editor Max Weissmuller, the app has been in use for some time. Among other things she was traveling to China, Canada and the USA. Instead of calling for expensive money from abroad to Germany, a WLAN was sufficient. So could make phone calls with authorities, colleagues and friends, without that would have noticed something. Also, that at 23:40 local time the hamburger plumber landed on a mobile phone in Hong Kong, the interlocutor did not see. In practice use shows that the phone calls in Germany can only be recommended via LTE and WLAN, abroad in many places even 3G without problems. Tip: If you have a mobile flat rate, redirect your mobile number to the Satellite number before you leave. Then insert a SIM from the local mobile operator for long-distance travel.

Satellite App: That's not yet, that's coming

Calls to many countries are already possible. For some phone numbers, the satellite user hears an announcement that calls to that country is not supported. By the way: an After 100 outgoing call minute is over. Then you have to book via the app an international flat rate in the prorate - for pork-cheap 5 euros per month and no term.

You cannot currently receive SMS, but WhatsApp, because the chat app does the authentication on request via call instead of SMS: Similarly, you cannot manage multiple numbers with a Satellite app.

That should be according to provider Sip gate, however, features, which remains reserved for the Pro customers. Who does not want to free his usual number from the clutches of the mobile phone networks, But this still does not have to - and can use instead as a disposable number for eBay classifieds. Or as a service phone. Or as a hotline for the sideline. Or as a dual SIM replacement.

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