Best Ice Cream Joints in Delhi you should Try this weekend!

Ice creams are one of the most amazing desserts that are enjoyed in summers and winters. They are even being eaten to celebrate the rains. Hence, they are the perfect companion of every occasion. Everybody loves ice cream; be it kids or elderly. Given below is the listing of the yummiest Ice cream joints in Delhi. All these places can be visited to have some amazing ones. So, put those Zoomcar Offers to the best use. Pick one place for one weekend and stay easy on calories as well.

Best Ice Cream Joints in Delhi:

Naturals ice Cream in CP:

CP has some of the best eateries in Delhi. It also has one of the best ice cream places. Naturals is a brand from Mumbai that is famous for finger licking ice creams. There are lots of varieties to choose from. The ice creams are made with natural fruit extracts only. The preservatives and artificial flavours are prohibited. Thus, the ice creams have a natural sweetness and amazing taste. Some of the must-try ice creams are Chiku; Pistachio; Alphonso and Musk Melon. Each one has a different taste that seems to grow on the palates.

Whipped at Defence colony:

Like CP, the Defence Colony area also has some fantastic food joints. Whipped is one of the best ice cream places to try this weekend. It is a dessert parlor which is a happening place. You can also become a part of its beautiful photo gallery. The place is also famous for its cheese cakes. There are 10 ice cream flavours to choose from. You can indulge in the special creamy delights. The most popular ice cream is Alcohol infused Bailey’s Ice Cream. It is a deadly combination of booze and creamy ice cream. If you want another idea, then enjoy the Tiramisu as well.

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Crème Borne in Connaught Place:

This is an amazing ice cream place that is famous for the latest craze. It offers the delicious varieties of the edible charcoal ice creams. However, this is not it!! It also offers lots of other ice creams. The presentation skills are amazing. You will want to eat and not want to eat in the same instant. They decorate the ice creams such that it is hard to bite them. The most popular ice creams are the:
  • Oreo
  • Black Waffle
  • Slay Doh
  • Tutti-Frutti

The currently in-trend black ice cream has:
  • Charcoal infused ice cream
  • Gothic black cone base
  • Lots of toppings
  • Poppy candy eyes

Gelato Roma in Hauz Khas Village:

This ice cream ‘van’ will take you into a different world. It is a perfectly preserved memory of every childhood. Back then, the vans used to supply ice creams. What makes it even better is that it serves proper Italian Gelato ice cream. It is also run by an Italian man. You can dig into some of the most amazing flavours such as:
  • Seasonal fruits
  • Seasonal flavours
  • Original Swiss Chocolate
  • Original Dark Chocolate
  • Plain Chocolate
  • Coffee flavour
  • Almond Gelato
  • Bailey’s Whiskey Cream

Niice Cream:

This has always been a popular favourite among the foodies. It is located in Saket. Here you can try some of the most experimental flavours. The team is allowed to go for as many varieties as they want. Some of the most quirky ones are:
  • Nitrogen infused Ice Cream
  • Naughty Nutella
  • Paanstar
  • Rum and Raison

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