Best Itinerary for Mauritius and Seychelles Honeymoon Trip

Mauritius and Seychelles offer numerous romantic things to do. If you planning your holidays for honeymoon then the beautiful combination of Mauritius and Seychelles is a great option to spend your holidays in a unique way. Start this romantic journey with the most romantic and beautiful city Mauritius with your loved ones and explore its most famous central market, botanic garden, numerous variants of beautiful plants and largest spice garden and much more. After spending a great time in Mauritius with your partner, head to the most attractive Mahe Island in Seychelles and start your journey here by visiting most charming places like Victoria clock tower, Sir Selwyn-Selwyn Clark Market and more. Take a drive through the peaceful mountains and visit the green forests and tea plantations. So if are planning your holidays for honeymoon then nothing is the best option apart from Mauritius and Seychelles. Here we have the best day wise itinerary for your seychelles and mauritius tour packages. Follow the steps if you want to is you want to make this moment special.

Day Wise Itinerary for Mauritius and Seychelles Honeymoon Trip

Day 1: Arrival to Mauritius

The day 1 will be your arrival in the gorgeous city Mauritius. After landing to the Mauritius international airport pick up your luggage, book the cab and head to your pre-booked hotel or resort and check-in to your room. You might be tired after the long flight, so take a cool bath in the hotel's swimming pool, have your meal and enjoy the overnight stay in the most romantic city Mauritius. if you are not feeling tired then you can take a small tour also to the nearby places.

Day 2: North Mauritius Island Tour

So it's the day second and its time to the full day tour of North Mauritius Island. So get up early in the morning, take a dip into the swimming pool, have your breakfast and get ready for the tour. It would be a long journey where you will explore the incredible capital city Port Louise and its central market. You should explore here the national botanical garden, sugar estate, and the museum in your full day tour. You can buy some stuff from the largest shopping complex, Caudan and you can also explore the old architecture of the city. After exploring North Mauritius, now it’s time to get back to the hotel. Have your delicious dinner at the hotel and take a rest overnight.

Day 3: Ile Aux Cerf Island Tour

On day 3 it’s time to spend memorable time with your loved one at the most popular attraction of Mauritius city. Reach the island by riding on the speed boat and enjoy the natural beauty of the island. Take a romantic walk at the white sandy beaches under the open blue sky at the island. Enjoy some fun activities here with your partner like water sports, sea diving, parasailing, and underwater sea walk. You can sit at the beachside with your partner to enjoy a delicious meal. So it should be enough for day 3 now you should return to the hotel and give rest to your tired body.

Day 4: South Mauritius Tour

The day 4 your should hang out to South Mauritius so finish your breakfast early and leave for another romantic tour in South Mauritius. Explore the land of South Mauritius and visit the farm which has many thrilling animals like crocodiles and giant tortoise and a collection of beautiful butterflies. Enjoy a amazing visit to the highest Rochester waterfall and Hindu Shiva temple. Now it should be the evening so leave for your hotel and enjoy the last overnight stay in Mauritius.

Day 5: Mauritius to Seychelles

So this is your 5th day and now it’s time to say goodbye to Mauritius. Pack your luggage back and leave for the airport. Get the flight for Mahe Island in Seychelles. After arriving in Seychelles, you should go to your pre-booked hotel and check-in. Now you can enjoy the hospitality of the hotel all day with your partner and enjoy the first night stay in Seychelles.

Day 6: Full Day Tour of Mahe Island

Now on day 6 it’s time for the tour so finish your breakfast quickly and leave for the most popular and the largest island in Seychelles. You should start your tour by visiting such romantic places like Victoria Clock Tower and the colorful Sir Selwyn-Selwyn Clark Market place and explore here the country’s culture and history. Now you should move on to enjoy a romantic long drive with your partner through the peaceful mountains of Sans Souci. Take a stop side the road and see the natural beauty of lush forests and tea plantations. Now it might be a little dark so hurry up and move to the hotel and enjoy a shower in your room. Stay overnight in Seychelles and don’t forget your dinner before you sleep.

Day 7: Laisure Day

Now day 7 is a little free for you and you have enough time to enjoy some thrilling activities in Seychelles. So you should have your breakfast and enjoy the day to explore some virgin beaches in Seychelles. Enjoy the boat ride and water sports at beautiful white sandy beaches. Play in white sand with your partner and take a warm dip into the blue water under the open sky. Spend the lovely day by doing such activities at Seychelles’s virgin beaches and get back to the hotel by evening. Finish your dinner and enjoy the last night in Seychelles.

Day 8: Return Back to home

So now you should say bye-bye to Seychelles. Pack your luggage and leave for the airport. Get your flight and return back home with many romantic memories.

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