Explain the Difference between Data Collection and Data Analysis

Data collection is completely different from Data analysis, as collection means gathering the data in raw format from various sources to make it usable for various needs. While on the other hand, Data Analysis is the process of analyzing the data collected for a particular means.

In Data Collection, the various types of information and statistics are collected relevant to a particular topic, subject and industry. And when such data is collected it is in the unorganized and uncategorized formats that need to be organized or classified for end-users.

Data analysis process starts after collecting the data that involves actions, and other methods implemented like interpretation, describe facts, detect patterns, testing and develop explanations etc. This entire process includes data quality assurance, statistical data analysis, modeling and interpretation of results came out after data analysis.

Data collection and analysis is the part of making and utilizing the results of data meant for such purpose. Collection process is done with the motive to analyze such data to learn the patterns and trend showing through data to predict the outcomes.

After analysis of data the research papers are published with what are the outcomes and certain types or kind of data are used into a particular field. Cogito is the company involved in data collection and data classification with image annotation service to annotate and label such data with right tagging for machine learning and AI-based projects development needs.

Cogito is a leading data collection, classification and categorization with data enrichment service for various industries like Ecommerce, Automobile, Healthcare and Retail etc. It has team of data collection and analysis to provide the best quality data sets for training the AI-backed machines and computer vision like Chatbots, Virtual Assistance and Visual secrecy etc.

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