Frequently Asked Question on Dubai visa

In a very short period of time, Dubai has become the hotspot for travelers from all around the world. Dubai is a city which is not afraid of ambition. Sprouting up from desert, the city has seen sudden up-growth in modern lifestyle. Known for the tallest skyscrapers and magnificent the Palm Jumeirah Island, Dubai is the most favorite baby of globe-trotters. Dubai has the most amazing skylines in the world and known for being shopper’s paradise. So, who wouldn’t want to explore this amazing place?

Looking at the growing interest of global audience, UAE government has already smoothened the visa procedure. But still, some queries arise in the mid of visa applicants while applying for one for a Gulf country. Here, we will discuss about some FAQs to clarify all your doubts.

Do I need to book flight and hotel to apply for visa?

  • Well, at some point it works as a proof that you are going to return to your country after staying in Dubai for the period you were allowed to stay. But it is not necessary. Contact Dubai visa agent in Delhi if you are traveling from India.

Can I extend the duration of my visa?

  • No, you cannot extend your visa. But in some exceptional cases, you have to consult with the local authority and if they find your purpose to stay for more days reasonable, there are chances that you have to apply for a new visa.

Does an infant require a visa?

  • Yes. Visa Is compulsory for all kids as well as newborns accompanying their non-Emirati parents.

How many days does it take to receive a visa?

  • It proceeds 3 to 4 working days to get a visa for Dubai. But if you have an emergency, you can get it within 24 hours if you apply it from Emirates Visa Consultant in Delhi.

How will I receive the visa?

  • Well, you will receive your E-Visa via Email, which will be sent to you by the authorized travel partner once they received the confirmation from Dubai Embassy.

What is ‘Ok To Board’?

  • Indians who are planning to visit Dubai, must get OTB or Ok To Board certification from the airline. Otherwise, even after having a valid visa, you will not be allowed to board on the flight. When you travel to UAE, your PNR must BE marked with OTB status from respective airline. You need to send your visa copy to the airline and after checking the validity, the airline will give you approval to board the flight.

How much it cost to apply for a visa?

  • Well, depending on the purpose, days of stay and emergency, the visa fee may vary. But, generally it ranges from 4,300 to 19,999 Indian Rs. Hope these FAQs helped you to get enough information on Dubai visa.

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