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There is so many application which you can't find easily on play store or Apple iTunes application such as tube mate, vidmate etc. these applications are easily available on 9Apps app section which you can download for your phone.I am not sure why this types off application are not available on play store or apple store, even you put your effort to find this application you find some options but that options are not worth as it will give you so many limitations while using which you will not able to find on actual applications.

I am going to discuss on this application 8n details in my last article but for right now these apps are multi talented apps which allow you to excess multiple application in one with so many additional benefits which most of the people like to be in their application. I personally recommend this application and use on my phone and I am very much happy with it. To know the exact benefits you can download this application without any hassle also I am going to discuss this in our next article soon. Before that, we will complete the discussion we were doing on PUBG games and options given in that and how that option exactly function while playing the game.

These options are so short and not much to discuss on it and the options are Sensitivity, Pick up, Audio, Quick Chat, Language.

SENSITIVITY: In this, you can keep a control on your camera sensitivity such as Camera Sensitivity (free look) in this you get three options 3rd person Camera, 1st person Camera and Camera. You also get a scope camera setting option which includes, a 3rd person no scope, a 1st person no scope, Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist, 2x Scope, 3x Scope, 4x ACOG Scope VSS, 6x scope, 8x Scope. ADS (Aim Down Sight) in this you can use your aim sensitivity will affect ADS. Camera sensitivity affects non-scoping movement sensitivity and in this, you get a 3rd person no scope, a 1st person no scope, Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist, 2x Scope, 3x Scope, 4x ACOG Scope VSS, 6x scope, 8x Scope.

PICK UP: This is nothing but while playing the game you get so many weapons, bullets, bomb etc. In this you can setup you want to adjust your pick up which playing the game most people prefer to keep that on auto pick up as it is easy while live playing the game, most of the time people are not aware of some options still they take it as auto pick up done that. In auto Pick up you can also set the number of bullets you need on auto pick up and for each gun have a default one which you can change as per your need while playing the games in 9Apps.

  • Assault Rifle: 180 Bullets
  • Marksman Rifles: 80 Bullets
  • Sniper Rifles: 30 Bullets
  • SMG: 180 Bullets
  • Shotguns: 20 Bullets
  • LMG: 240 Bullets
  • Pistol: 15 Bullets
  • Others: 10 Bullets

This number is if you keep your setting on default one but still, you can pick up as much as you want till you have bag storage.

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