Tips to Clear CA Intermediate in First Attempt

Preparing for CA Intermediate Exam? Do you wish to clear CA Intermediate exam in the first attempt? In this article, we have discussed some tips and tricks which will help you clear your exam in the first attempt itself. CA Intermediate is the second level of the CA course. You can clear this exam by appearing for both the groups together or by appearing for one group at a time. Clearing this exam could be quite challenging because of its wide syllabus. But with proper strategy and hard work you will be able to clear CA Intermediate exam with flying colors.

Once you pass the CA Foundation Exam you are eligible for the CA Intermediate Exam registration and those who opt the direct entry scheme also can appear for the CA Intermediate exam after their graduation. You get a study period of 9 months after which you can appear for the Examination. The objective of this exam is to test the Analysis and application ability of a student. The CA Intermediate exam consists of two Groups- Group 1 and Group 2 and each group consists of four papers each so there is a total of eight papers.

Make a Study Plan

The First and foremost thing to start with anything new is to have a plan. So, before starting your CA Intermediate preparation it's better you make a study plan.Correct guidance and proper strategy play a very important role in the preparation of CA Exams.
Analyze your course, your weak and strong topics from the syllabus than plan which subject needs more attention and work accordingly. Distribute your time for each topic on daily basis and after the end of the day try to judge the performance of your entire day.
Have short and a long plan, here short plan refers to the daily distribution of your learning whereas the long plan refers to the complete study period you will be getting for your entire CA Intermediate Course in which you have to cover the complete syllabus and allot proper time for revision.

Avoid Procrastination

Procrastination is a fatal habit which can be a major reason for your failure. Never put off things for tomorrow, stick to the study plan you have made and follow it judiciously. Make a list of the topics you have to study in a day and when you are about to go to your bed review your daily list as of how much you were able to complete. Try to finish all the pending topics on the same day because piled up work creates tension and which will hamper your next day’s preparation.

Avoid Social Media

Nowadays social media has become a major part of our daily routine. But this not so required part of our daily routine wastes a lot of our precious time. The use of social media in the exam time should be minimized as it can cost you your result. In fact, the use of mobile should be minimized and use it only when it's required.

Focus on ICAI Study Material

Your CA coaching institute might be providing you the study material, but never ignore the power of study material provided by ICAI. The most common mistake that the CA Aspirants make is that they do not study ICAI study material. They rely on other sources which can have an adverse impact on their preparation.So study from ICAI study material only. In case you have completed your course well in time and have revised it completely than in that case if time is left you can go for some other source for some extra study otherwise depend completely on ICAI Study material for your complete preparation.

Keep a check on updations

ICAI in every six months makes some amendments, addition, and deletions in its study materials and practice manual, so keep a regular check on ICAI’s official website for such changes.

Paper Writing Skills

The way you write or present your answer sheet matters a lot. A good presentation of your answers can help you score additional 15-20 marks in the paper. The paper should be attempted in such a way that the examiner gets a clear cut idea of what you have written which shall reduce his efforts in marking your paper. Use headings where ever you can, draw margins, write answers in points, write neatly and vividly.All in all, make your answer sheet look presentable.

Take Mock Tests

The way to revise your entire course is through mock tests. Give as many mock tests as possible. Mock tests not only help you analyze your preparation but also makes you ready for an exam like environment. Mock tests will also help you figure out your weaker areas for which you can work and turn them in your strengths. Taking mock tests will also help you judge your level of preparation.

Clearing CA Intermediate in the first attempt is your golden chance as you get nine months of the study period for the same. Students find CA Intermediate tough because of the low pass percentage in the past. But with proper planning and determination, you can crack this exam in the first attempt. Follow the points mentioned above and start your preparation for CA Intermediate without wasting any time.

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