10 Sewing Mistakes That Will Make Your Clothes Look Homemade

What comes in everyone's mind when you hear the word ‘'clothes''? Maybe a need for survival or clothes should be modern and trendy. Every person wants to look attractive, and they want to follow the trend which is new in the market, but there are some hurdles in it too. Whenever something comes new in the market, the worth of such things is always upscale, but at the same time, no one wants to miss it. That’s why everybody looks for something reasonable. Ready-made clothes are always costly while homemade clothes are generally not pricey. Sewing clothes at home is a big task, and it is difficult for beginners. To follow the trend, people particularly want the homemade apparels to look like the ready-made, and no one wants to risk that. For this purpose, we have cut and sew manufacturers. They have a firm grip on sewing clothes, and they make clothes of your choice.

Moreover, they also offer custom clothing. Such people particularly work with a private label clothing manufacturer in which they have to sell their clothes under some another’s company name. These folks are perfectly skilled, but one should also know how to sew clothes.

On the other hand, people make many mistakes while making clothes at home. Obviously, everybody wants them to look like a ready-made piece of cloth. Due to this reason, people have to cover up such mistakes.

The history of sewing clothes and sewing machine is also very interesting. Sewing machine came in the 1850s and it was considered as a miracle of the 18th century. It was composed of only a needle and a chain stick. Basically, embroidery stitching was done with this method. In 1841, there were more than 80 machines in the sewing factory of Paris. There are still many museums where there are old sewing machines. Many people used to give their clothes to cut and sew manufacturers for a superior look. Later on, people decided to have a sewing machine of their own at home. This was also a way of earning for poor and middle-class people. Many folks started giving clothes to the manufacturers and they sew the clothes of their own choice which is called custom clothing. In the modern age, there are sewing markets in every corner of the street and many people are earning a fair amount of money.

Other than just simple cutting and sewing of clothes, there are also many other things that sewing machines can do. There is a rolled hem foot in the machine which gives the fabric a very fine look. This type of sewing is different than normal sewing. By removing the foot of the sewing machine, it can be used for embroidery as well. The sewing machine can also be used for thread painting. Draw a sketch on fabric and then cut it very carefully. Put the thread in the needle and just sew. It is also proved to be very helpful in pouncing. Very fine holes are made by poking the needle in the fabric. This technique was also very common in ancient times. Yarn drawing can also be done by sewing machine. Many professional cut and sew manufacturers utilize these techniques for custom clothing. This shows that they are many hacks of the sewing machine as well.

Here are ten mistakes that we do while sewing clothes:

  1. Sometimes, folks are very good at sewing, but the choice of the fabric is not adequate. Due to this reason, no matter how good anyone is at sewing, they can’t sew a fine piece of cloth. A satisfying piece of cloth should be stiff rather than smooth and delicate fabric. A delicate fabric does not stand still, and the body shape doesn't look admirable in it. Private label clothing manufacturers usually don’t recommend it.
  2. In napped fabrics like velvet, satin etc. pattern pieces are supposed to be in the same direction. Otherwise, the fabric will look different in both directions. The fabric which is without a nap is usually stitched in a vertical direction. On the other hand, a fabric with nap should always lay in the same direction. More than usual fabric is used in napped fabrics.
  3. A pattern looks straight when people lay it on fabric because of the human eye. While evaluating it from start to the edge point, it doesn’t look linear. Cutting from the selvage is justified.
  4. Interfacing is the main element in sewing because it gives the cloth an elegant look. Many people have no experience in interfacing and only cut and sew manufacturers know it. Interfacing is preferred in neckline, collars, and borders.
  5. Folks usually don't do the pattern markings, but it makes the sewing easier. Although, it takes a little time in pattern marking, but it is always suggested.
  6. People commonly don't press the clothes before and after sewing while it gives the cloth a finest look. Pressing clothes before sewing is way more convenient than not doing it.
  7. A proper binding of neckline and armhole helps in getting rid of ripples. Binding of neckline and armhole consumes a lot of time, but it is always suggested in sewing clothes. Unbinding of clothes will not give a ready-made look to clothes.
  8. People generally fail at the closure of clothes. Unfinished seaming mostly tangles the fabric, and it doesn't look pleasing. The inner sewing of clothes should also be finest. The most unraveling fabric is chiffon but giving it a French seam can cover it up. In this way, no edge will be noticeable.
  9. The Hem is the last step of sewing, and many people are not good at it. Many people hurry in this step, but a good finishing to the fabric gives it a very attractive look. That's why spending some time on the hem is very useful.
  10. Giving many alterations to the cloth is of no good. So, one should try the cloth before stitching it. It’ll always be worth it.

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