Consider These Factors If Your Are Planning To Start Or Register A New Business

What does it take to start a business and register a business? What bureaucracies and records should be obtained at the city hall, state and IRS. See the answers here.
In order to open a successful business or micro-enterprise it takes time, planning and in many cases the assistance of business administration and accountants. Below, I have prepared a short guide with the main information that I think is important in the opening analysis of a company.

Business plan

The Business Plan is a planning that must be done in order to analyze and evaluate the viability of any business. It can include financial investments, infrastructure, human capital, marketing, production, logistics, among other factors. The business plan should be a map that will guide the entrepreneur in the paths he or she should take and show in advance the weaknesses and opportunities that can be explored. Among some factors of the business plan, we can highlight

Branch of activity

What kind of company do you want to open: Industry, trade or services? What products will you produce, resell or what services will you provide? This is the starting point.

Market of action

Which is the market where you want to act? This market may be geographic when your company is serving a particular city, state or region; can be by niche when it is to serve a specific segment, such as fashion, education, health services, food products, etc.


Where will be the headquarters of the company. In the case of commerce and some types of services location is a key point to success. Shopping center, central city, streets and avenues of greater circulation of people are the preferred options.

Infrastructure / Investments

What infrastructure will your company need? Consider: machinery, industrial assembly, information technology, reforms and real estate adaptations, vehicles, telecommunication, among other items.


Do you know the famous concept called 5 P's of marketing? Product, price, square, promotion and people. That is, what is your product, what is your pricing policy, where will you sell or distribute your product, how do you intend to do it and finally who will do it.

Company registration

A business plan can help you follow through on your idea of ​​starting a business or micro-enterprise and once you have taken the next step and register or formalize your business. This is the bureaucratic part and the steps that will be followed will depend a lot on the type of business, region of the country, among other factors, but usually the sequence is this:

Board of Trade

At the Commercial Board of your state you will open the company, for this you need the social contract or the Individual Entrepreneur's application, in addition to personal documents. The important part here is to define the company name that can only be registered if there is no other company with that name.


After that it is necessary to obtain the CNPJ in the National Registry of Legal Entities of the Federal Revenue. This process is done exclusively through the internet on the revenue website and is intended to register your company as a taxpayer with taxes, duties and tax obligations. If you are an overseas company and want to register in UK, then you need a UK vat registration.

Business license

Then comes the operating license that is obtained at the city hall of your city. In order to release the license, it is necessary to approve the requested address and also the reports of the inspection bodies, when necessary.

State registration

The State Registration is not mandatory for all companies, in this case it is necessary to check in your state whether or not the type of your company is required to obtain the State Registration.

Social Security and other fiscal instruments

Finally it is necessary to register in Social Security, even if your company has no employees. It is also necessary to issue an authorization to print invoices, when applicable.


Starting a business or micro-enterprise is not a simple task, as it requires good planning and the correct execution of all stages of the legal process. Ideally you hire a professional or a specialized company to assist you in the process, especially in the part of the company registration where this service by the accounting offices.

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