PM Modi's Announcements Have Always Sparked a Meme Fest, Here’s Why!

PM Modi has always been known for his sudden and huge announcements.

From demonetization to surgical strikes, he has always sent shock waves across the globe. Undoubtedly, his habit of coming up with sudden decisions have made hundreds of viral news stories during his five year rule.

This time PM Modi’s announcement was regarding the successful shooting down of a low-Earth orbit satellite that clearly demonstrates the power of India’s space weaponry. With elections around the corner, his latest appearance with India’s achievement has created yet another viral news.

The display of India’s warfare capability

Before launching space weapons, PM Modi had strategically sat down with the defence personals in the beginning of the year. This was done to come up with a precise plan on PAK against the Jaish-e-Mohammad attacks which had killed over 40 military officials in Pulwama.

It was during the same time, the movie ‘URI: The surgical strike” was in trending news for its storyline as it was based on previous surgical strikes.

PM Modi again informed the nation later that, the IAF performed exceptionally well and successfully destroyed terrorist camps in Pakistan. This message again created a worldwide sensation and ended up shaking the bigger powers of the world. However, all the while meme creators used the opportunity to come up with hilarious and patriotic memes

The reaction of social media users

Keeping the seriousness of strikes and war aside, Indian meme creators aptly extracted humour from the situations that were on-going. The surgical strike created numerous memes that revolved around #PKMKB and ‘How’s the Josh?’

Apart from that, there were memes around how Pakistan is shit scared and is reacting to India’s surgical strikes.

Now, with another gem of space weaponry being itched onto India’s defence, it seems like PM Modi is going to go BIG, and not ‘go HOME’ before the elections begin.

The tweet that helped generate memes

With Modi’s last announcement, people again got the content for creating hilarious memes around the topic. Even the tweet that Modi had put up before making the real announcement served as the right stage to create memes.

People reacted to PM Modi’s tweet, ‘I would be addressing the nation at around 11:45 AM - 12.00 noon with an important message. Do watch the address on television, radio or social media.’ With all sorts of speculations that were funny and sarcastic.

One user wrote, ‘Rukiye Modi Ji, 100 Rs ke note ATm se nikal laata hu”, while other said, ‘Omg..Everybody run towards ATM’s.” After all, it was Modi’ Ji coming up with an announcement and it was supposed be something huge. Thankfully, it had nothing to do with demonetization this time. In Conclusion:

According to Kejriwal, Modi Ji is going to be the forever PM and that elections are soon going to be banned from India. Which is why, there were also jokes made to troll Arvind Kejriwal and shown him hiding under the bed in memes.

Of course, it is nothing more than a sarcastic take on Modi’s success but that has sure created the trending news today.

What about you, do you have different political views or do you go with the current trend of #Abki Bar Chowkidaar and support Modi blindly?

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