Mobile World Congress (MWC) returned this year with a full force, presenting the tech world with some of the most innovative mobile products and advanced features. There’s no denying that MWC is one of the greatest mobiles, but this year the show touched new heights with a huge array of some of groundbreaking mobile technology and introduction of exciting phone features. To put it in simple words, the MWC 2019 was a glimpse at how technology will shape the future of mobile technology and this particular tech niche.

It will not be an exaggeration to say that MWC has always delivered some of the best mobile innovations. From wearables to the limitless speed and data of 5G technology, MWC is known to showcase the best of the best of the mobile industry. On the other hand, it is also a well-established fact that in the past couple of years, the mobile industry has struggled to come up with something that could be labelled as genuine innovation or latest advancement. However, this year was a little different as every mobile brand and company strived for innovation and advancement.

Undoubtedly, 5G has been the highlight of 2019 along with foldable phones which are one of the most anticipated products of this year. Steering the era of intelligent connectivity through high-speed networks and paving the path for diversity, this year the mobile industry is all about the evolution of the mobile industry.

Highlights of the year 2019:

From memory-limited older phones to integration of incredibly fast processors in smartphones, which can support memory-consuming apps like video animation maker and games, the dynamics of the mobile industry have shifted at an incredible pace.

The innovations introduced this year is exactly what the world has been waiting for. From uncovering the unexplored potentials of technology like AI and AR to the implementation of a confluence of IoT and cognitive and cloud computing, these technologies will determine the future prospects of the smart devices and mobile industries.

After years of stagnant growth and development, the mobile industry is changing the landscape of the tech world. Without further ado, here’s a well-assorted list of some of the highly-innovative mobile technology that was in the limelight:

  • Samsung Galaxy S10:

The 10th installment of the Samsung and its S-series is the flagship phone of 2019. Featuring ultrasonic fingerprint sensor with a 6-inches infinity screen and AMOLED display, this phone is a great optimization in the mobile industry.

S10 marks a decade of Samsung’s S-series phones and has enough features and innovativeness to tempt the gadget enthusiasts and tech geeks. Packed with loads of features like sharper screens, bigger batteries, reverse and wireless charging and more cameras, Samsung is sure to take the lead of the mobile industry. With its built-in Samsung memory chips of the highest capacity of almost 12GB, coupled with 5G support feature, the device is going to be one of the most efficient smartphones. Including an array of lenses and a rear-face-triple-lens camera, Samsung S10 is the game-changer when it comes to capturing hyper-realistic photos by a phone camera.

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  • Nokia 9 Pure View:

Nokia 9 PureView, a phone committed to elevating the mobile photography game. While even other mobile manufacturer and brand was busy integrating three lenses rear camera, Nokia went a little further and introduced a phone with five rear lens camera, upping the quality of photos. Now you can add and fine-tune the details of any regular picture. Build with one of the most powerful mobile camera systems, the camera of this phone can gather data of up to 60MP—capturing amazing shots with a dynamic range.

Providing the ultra-wide and seamless zoom options, this phone is different from modern day’s conventional phone cameras. On the other hand, the phone doesn’t offer the best internal and built-in features, but with its groundbreaking camera technology, the phone is sure to make a lasting impact on the mobile industry.

  • Microsoft Holo Lens 2:

The sleeker, the better—that’s what Microsoft is trying to achieve with this latest addition in the industry of smart devices and gadgets. This gadget was made for a very specific purpose but offered endless possibilities and numerous untapped potentials. HoloLens 2 is introduced as one of the innovative business tools which include a larger, broader and 2X greater field view feature.

Holo Lens is the improved and better version of its first installment; it’s lighter and comfier to wear. Having padding all the way around, it is easier to wear and fit on the head. The filed view of this mixed reality headset is 52 degrees which might be the biggest upgrade in the VR headsets. Some of the innovative and unique features of this headset include eye-tracking software, finger tracking feature for smoother navigation and most importantly it is less expensive than the previous version.

  • Huawei Mate X:

Hands-down, Huawei Mate X is one of the best additions in the foldable mobile phones. Compared to Samsung’s foldable phone, Huawei came with a better and prettier design, larger screen and faster connectivity phone. Switching between the 8.8 inches tablet mode and a more traditional 6.6-inch screen, this phone offers a transformative euphoria while changing the course of the future of the mobile industry.

Huawei Mate X is the true depiction of our sci-fi imaginations. Featuring incredible 5G support, a battery of 4500 capacity and the latest Kirin 980 chipset, Mate X is what dreams are made up of. The latest screen technology of this phone adds to its battery saving feature and capacity. This battery saving feature is characterized by the OLED tech used in the phone’s core design.

  • Huawei MateBook X Pro:

Crowned as one of the best and innovative laptops of 2018, this year’s version is even better than 2018 one. This second generation laptop features Window 10 includes stand out features fastest Intel 8th generation processors and powerful NVIDIA graphics. Providing ease of file transfer from a Huawei phone to this laptop with only a tap. Just like last year, this revamped Huawei MateBook will once again become the topmost laptop of the year.

  • SanDisk Extreme 1TB microSD card:

Having a whopping 1 terabyte space and capacity, this micro-card is the new Holy Grail in smartphone’s storage and memory. Allowing you to save 4k files, mega-sized video animation maker, games and hundreds of applications, this card is not only affordable, but it offers faster speed, a three-year warranty and includes some well-designed built-in features.

Wrapping it up:

2019 is the revolutionary year for the mobile industry and these new and advanced smart devices, and phones will have industry-changing and life-changing impacts. Foldable devices and phones might not prove to be life-changing, but 5G definitely will. The confluence of potentials of these technologies might bring a huge shift in the mobile industry.

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