What is your opinion for surrogate mothers?

What is your opinion for surrogate mothers?

My opinion for surrogate mothers is that they are doing the selfless service for those people to whom even they don’t know just to build their families and spread happiness among the couples who were unable to conceive a baby naturally and they need a woman who can be the surrogate mother of their child. To be a surrogate mother for someone is actually a difficult job because here the woman needs to carry a baby in her womb for nine months and hand-over the baby to his/her intended parents and after that she has no relationship with the baby born from her. The surrogacy procedure requires a lot of patience and strength to carry the baby for someone else and the women who all are doing this job has a great heart and strength to bear this emotional procedure.

How to become a surrogate and work for others?

To become a surrogate mother a woman needs to pass through the medical and physical examination to check whether the woman is physically and mentally fit to bear the stress of surrogacy procedure and also to check for HIV, Hepatitis B or any other infection so that it will not pass to the baby born from her. To become a surrogate mother each woman has different reasons for their decision of surrogacy, such as some want to experience pregnancy without responsibility after birth, or some are becoming surrogate just to help a couple to become the parents own an own baby and enjoy their parenthood. They care immensely about the child and take responsibility during the pregnancy period.

These surrogates are really doing a great job and we all need to thank them for their selfless decision and look up to them for their immense strength. They earn all the admiration and care from everyone around them.

Do you agree with surrogacy?

Yes, I do agree that surrogacy procedure is the best and it has all rights in a certain emergency. For e.g. if a woman had many miscarriages and she has lost her all hope to become a mother than for her surrogacy procedure is a blessing which allows her to have her own baby. The surrogacy is procedures which can be also opted by the women who have some medical illness with their uterus and unable to conceive a baby. A surrogate mother could then be hired to bring a fetus to term and give birth without affecting the health of the intended mother. The surrogacy is a procedure which can be used by same-sex couples, different-sex couples, or single women or men who wish to have their own baby.

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