Corrective Eye Surgery Options for the Elderly

As you get older, your eyes to begin to deteriorate. As well as subtle changes to your vision and eye structure, you may also develop eye conditions common in the elderly, such as cataracts and glaucoma. In these cases, you will be offered laser vision correction procedures by a specialist to rectify them. Similarly, you may choose to undergo laser eye treatment to improve long sightedness, short sightedness or astigmatism.

What are laser correction procedures?

Laser correction procedures refer to any eye surgery which is carried out involving the use of a laser. The most common laser eye surgery focuses on vision correction, reshaping the cornea to allow you to focus better.

Typically, laser correction procedures are quick and efficient, taking just under ten minutes per eye. You will not be expected to stay in the hospital overnight, although it is advised that you take sufficient time off work to recover following the surgery. Results from the treatment are expected to last a lifetime, so it will not be necessary to undergo further treatment in the future.

Laser surgery is generally a highly successful procedure, no matter what the age of the patient undergoing the treatment. It is one of the most commonly performed in the U.S. and has been in practice for a substantial number of years, so you can rest assured that it is a relatively low-risk, highly effective surgery.

Is laser eye surgery for me?

Deciding to undergo any of the available laser correction procedures can be difficult. For one, laser surgery comes with a substantial financial price tag, and although the procedure itself is quick, you will need to take time off work for recovery. Similarly, you may feel wary about the idea of undergoing surgery in general.

It is worth remembering the enormous lifestyle benefits of laser correction procedures, namely not having to wear your glasses or contact lenses. You should see an 85% improvement following your surgery, with some people even exhibiting near-perfect vision as a result of the procedure. If you used to wear contact lenses, you will now no longer have to worry about infection and irritation associated with those. If you were a glasses-wearer, you no longer experience discomfort on the bridge of your nose, or your head.

It is common to feel nervous about laser correction procedures, although there is no need to be. Provided you do your research and schedule your treatment with a trusted specialist in the field; there is nothing to fear. You should remember you are putting yourself in safe hands, and that your ophthalmologist is an expert in the practice.

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