Travel Tips to Japan – 8 Essential Things to Know

Japan is one of the most popular countries to travel. Even if you haven’t visited the country before, you may have heard a lot about it. Fast trains, technology, traditions, food are just some of the things you know about the place. But, visiting Japan in person is a whole different experience.

Travelling can be both fun and a bit troublesome as well. If you are travelling to a new place for the first time, knowing about it before you land there can be helpful. The same goes for travelling to Japan.

If you are travelling to Japan for the first time, here are some helpful tips to make your journey easy and if you want to make your journey economic then you can book your flight ticket by using Makemytrip Coupons at discounted prices.

  • Check the Climate

Climate in Japan is spread into four terms: Spring is from March to May, Summer is from June to August, Autumn is from September to November, and Winter is from December to February. The climate can vary from place to place. Knowing the climate of the place you wish to visit in Japan will help you design you vacation schedule.

  • Get Rail Pass in Japan

Trains in Japan are one of the most common types of transport. You most probably will be travelling by train, which means having a rail pass will be convenient. If you are a foreign national you will need to buy the pass before reaching the country. This is an exclusive policy for the foreigners. Don’t forget to get the pass in advance.

  • Get Exchange Money

It is better to have the money exchange in advanced than in Japan for various reasons. Japan exchange is higher than the other countries. Also you may not find too many exchange counters that easily. So getting the exchange in advanced that means in your country is a wise move.

  • Japanese Convenient Stores

While you are in Japan travelling for fun or business or for whatever reasons, the convenient stores can become your best friends. There you can buy affordable, ready-to-eat nutritious meal under $5. The staffs are very friendly and will immediately heat-up the food for you. You can find them everywhere in Japan, which will solve your problems of eating food. It is quite tasteful and affordable.

Wi-Fi is Essential

You need to have internet connection while you are in Japan all the time for various reasons. First, you can stay connected with people in your country. Secondly, if you need direction or don’t understand a thing then your internet connection will be of great help. Buy a WiFi hotspot as soon as possible. It is recommended that you learn a bit of Japanese so that you can understand some basic things like what is in the menu. For this purpose, the internet can be of great help.

  • Wake Up Early

Japan is a small country but has a huge population. You can see the streets, the train and public places full of people. So, if you want to go sightseeing or visiting a place and taking photographs, then it is recommended to wake up early. Get to the destination as early as possible before it gets too crowded. You will enjoy the best views and activities. Plus, waking up early is always good.

  • Carry Garbage Bag

Don’t get confused. Japan is a clean country. You will not find the garbage on the road, but you will not see many trash bin either. So you need to carry a rubbish bag to carry waste and discard them in the bins, which are available in the selective places only like in then stores. This one of the things you may not like about Japan. But it has so many great things that this small glitz can be ignored.

  • Basic Information

Usually the basic things are the most important things. Before travelling to Japan make sure to know about time and weather conditions so that you are prepared. Moreover you can easily book your hotel Japan using Goibibo Offers. The Japanese Standard Time or the JST is 9 hours ahead of the GMT. It doesn’t have any Day Light Saving Time and the time zone is all equal throughout the country. Based on from where you are travelling you can match the time on your watch. You can look up the time online based on your location.

The Bottom-Line

Travelling to Japan can be a great fun. Make it even more enjoyable by learning a few essential things about the place. Keep these tips in mind and enjoy a great visit to Japan.

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